enaio® redline is a

    true content services platform -

    a framework for the development of

    content-centric applications


enaio® redline is a content-centric development platform. By providing highly customizable backend and frontend components, it accelerates the process of implementing software projects dealing with enterprise content. It particularly handles the combination of unstructured data (e.g. content, documents) with metadata.

The microservice architecture allows for a modular and scalable system that can easily be customized and extended. Based on standard technologies like REST, Spring Boot, JavaScript, Elasticsearch and Angular, enaio® redline is a state-of-the-art content services framework.

enaio® redline is a great choice for system integrators, infrastructure providers, and IT departments – partners who want to create, innovate, motivate, and develop their own applications using one of the world’s most modern content services platforms.

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Easily integrate enaio® redline into other systems thanks to the API first principle.


Add or replace functions by implementing your own microservices.


Adapt existing components to your needs by adding scripts, plug-ins, or add-ins (e.g. for Microsoft Office or SAP).


Manage up to n x 103 to n x 104 concurrent users and serveral hundred million content and metadata elements in a single system instance.


Benefit from fast and concise full-text and metadata search in structured and unstructured documents as well as in binary data.


Gather insights into your data using Elasticsearch and other tools of the Elastic stack.


    enaio® redline’s primary value proposition is

    development efficiency

    while not limiting

    development flexibility


Microservice architecture

enaio® redline is based on scalable microservices that communicate via a REST API. All infrastructure and content services can be updated and maintained independently of each other. If a microservice fails, a new instance starts immediately and takes over the open tasks automatically. The services are implemented using non-proprietary technologies such as Spring Boot, Angular, and Elasticsearch.


enaio® redline comes with a set of powerful design and administration tools that provide developers with an easy-to-use interface for configuration, design, and maintenance: enaio® designer and enaio® management-studio.

Web client

The enaio® client allows you to use enaio® redline out of the box. Use it for rapid prototyping, adapt it to your needs — or replace it with your own implementation.

Predefined elements

Data and process modeling

Model complete business applications with our powerful code generator: the enaio® designer. This visual tool offers no-code and low-code development of prototypes, which can later be extended to full-fledged solutions.

Role and right system

Define and manage user roles and rights with the enaio® designer  and the enaio® management-studio: from fine-tuning of server parameters, over creation and administration of users and their roles, to management of business processes that run in the system.

Dialogue to define the display mask

Registry and repository functions

Record and search metadata and documents.

Data storage

Store documents and data in a revision-proof archive with versioning.

Import and export

Transfer data and documents to and from enaio® redline.

Included microservices

DMS Service

Provides document management functions including archiving.

Extraction Service

Extracts metadata from all common file formats.

Index Service

Builds up and manages document data and metadata. Optimizes data to accelerate the search.

Inbox Service

Notifies you when a document was changed and reminds to revisit a document at a specific date.

OCR Service

Captures text in scans and images to make it available for full-text search and other purposes. Generates PDF/A documents.

Rendition Service

Creates PDF from different file formats, e.g. DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, RTF, CSV.

Search Service

Uses Elasticsearch to create a full-text search index that delivers results in milliseconds.

"Your microservice"

Develop your own content services in enaio® redline in an easy and straightforward manner.

Efficiency — code less, be faster


Model, run — done. Quickly create a prototype or a working system without writing a single line of code. The design tools provide everything you need.


Adapt and extend generated systems and components using scripts, plug-ins, and plug-in states. This way is faster than starting from scratch, yet more individualized than a no-code system.


Focus on modeling the business logic of the application, while enaio® redline takes care of the rest (e.g. ensuring that the system can deal with one thousand users).


Process Modelling in the enaio® redline designer


The enaio® management-studio allows to manage the enaio® redline system: from fine-tuning server parameters, over creating and administering users and their roles, to managing business processes that run in the system.


The enaio® designer allows to model complete business applications: data models and their visualization, rights and roles in the system, and business process models. Use this visual tool to quickly create prototypes, which can later be extended to full-fledged solutions.

Smart clients for own projects

Client scripts
Easily extend applications

Your customers use modeled business applications in the web client on the spot (we call that no-code). Use JavaScript to refine and improve the behavior of input masks in business applications (low-code). You can check entries, preassign values to fields, or lock them at runtime for designated user roles. Client scripts can respond flexibly to events, e.g. in the data masks of modeled objects, and take appropriate action.

Own plugins
Integration made easy

As a system integrator, specialized applications can be easily customized further. With enaio® redline, you develop project-specific plug-ins and therefore extend the web client. Plug-ins could, for example, display special file formats such as CAD or medical formats, or integrate additional information from external systems or the web.

Project views
Your system. Your interface.

You can go even further by developing project-specific views to further enhance the web client. The views look like a completely new page in the web client. You are completely free to display or edit any information in the client. The welcome page of the web client can also be adapted to the customer’s corporate identity.


    enaio® redline is everything a developer needs

    to provide

    high-end content applications


Customizing examples

enaio® integration into SAP Hybris


enaio® repositorymanager is certified by SAP AG as an archive interface for data exchange with SAP applications. Our partner itelligence used it to build their solution it.archive for SAP  that adds audit-proof archiving capabilities to an SAP system. enaio® repositorymanager allows to scan, archive, and search paper documents directly from SAP applications. It also ensures that documents are automatically linked to the correct business object in SAP.

Metrics Dashboard designed by OPTIMAL SYSTEMS

Elastic Stack

The Elastic Stack is a set of tools that lets you take any data, analyze it, and visualize it in real time. Using Elasticsearch, Metricbeat, and Kibana, we built a metrics manager for enaio® redline  that displays system information in a dashboard. It visualizes all kinds of information available in the log files for REST calls. This includes system metrics like CPU load, RAM load, and hard disk metrics; data from the SQL and Elasticsearch servers; the number of HTTP response codes per service; or the average call duration grouped by endpoints. The metrics manager allows you to easily monitor the system’s performance, find bottlenecks, and react immediately.

Laboratory process management


The Institute of Forensic Medicine at the Charité Berlin University of Medicine relies on enaio® forensic-lims for managing various kinds of samples and forensic evidence. As a laboratory information management system, it automates and standardizes workflows and improves efficiency, security, and transparency in the procedure of furnishing proof. enaio® forensic-lims integrates well with the applications and procedures used at the institute and allows to customize data analysis. A first promising result: German police were able to solve a 27-year-old murder case by digitally analyzing countless old records

  • Our client Abraxas had a clear strategy in mind. They wanted to go a step further with a new technology. Their vision ranged from a cloud and kubernetes to dev ops and agile. They wanted to be ready for the future. So we came up with enaio® redline that would fit the vision and solve the problem.

    Peter Angehrn
    DTI AG
  • One of your clients is a holding that acquired a lot of companies. All these different companies came with their own IT and own ERP solutions in different versions. Our challenge was to merge all of them into one unit. Because of the given integration possibilities, enaio® redline was the tool of our choice.

    Māris Miezītis
    Digital Mind AS
  • We call our customers in the classic ERP Business. We’re developing add-on software and in the HR sector we have some projects where we integrate the enaio® redline with success factors.

    Bernd Heinemann
    Project Leader SAP Hybris Cloud
  • We are looking for a new software with a modern state of the art architecture. We feel confident that enaio® redline is the perfect platform for our new clients.

    Kazim Özdemir