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    Group-Wide Information Management and Digital Archiving Including SAP® Integration

Simona AG

Replacement of FileNet with enaio® redline:
15 Million Documents Migrated

As a manufacturer of advanced semi-finished plastic products, the listed company Simona AG supplies a broad range of industries and ensures safety, especially in chemical apparatus and plant engineering.

The product range includes semi-finished plastic products, pipes, fittings, and finished parts. Semi-finished plastic products include plates, rods, profiles, and welding wires, which are mainly used in the field of chemical apparatus and plant engineering. In addition, semi-finished plastic products that meet the highest requirements are manufactured for the automotive, mechanical engineering, life sciences, building construction, and advertising industries.

Simona used enaio® redline to migrate an old archive comprising 15 million documents. Another task implemented with enaio® was the design and introduction of customer, supplier, and contract records.

Here, enaio® serves both as an audit-proof archive and as a central platform that provides users with a 360° view of customer and supplier information. The enaio® capture scan application replaced an existing application in the mailroom. Scanned documents are stored in enaio® and linked to the SAP® system.


  • 1,300 employees
  • Company history reaching back 150 years
  • 35,000 articles
  • 100,000 tons annual production

Jürgen Koch

Head of IT, talks about the daily use of enaio® redline in his company.

“With enaio® we will be able to increase transparency throughout the group and achieve better support for work processes in the areas of information management and document management.”

Replacement of the legacy archive and migration of over 15 million documents to enaio® redline.

Applications and Scenarios in Operation:

Audit-proof archive, scan application that integrates with SAP®, and electronic file management.

Automated document processing

Development and introduction of enaio® customer. contract, and supplier records

Introduction of the enaio® capture scan application and integration with the SAP® system

Replacement of the old archive with an audit-proof of enaio® archive