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Schuler Pressen GmbH

Schuler Pressen:
Globally Active – Globally Leading

Schuler Pressen, headquartered in Göppingen in Baden-Württemberg, is a German company active in the field of forming technology. Schuler is also the world’s largest manufacturer of presses. These presses are used to produce body panels and other car parts as well as beverage and spray cans, sinks, large pipes, and parts for electric motors.

The world market and technology leader in forming technology has production sites in Germany, Switzerland, Brazil, the U.S., and China. Sectors served include the automotive industry and its suppliers, the household appliance and electrical industries, and the forging, energy, aerospace, railway, and minting industries.

enaio® redline replaced several outdated document management and archiving systems in less than half a year. Documents can now be managed in four languages: German, English, Portuguese, and Chinese.

The project involved the migration of digital project records, the introduction of a compliance e-mail archive, and the integration of SAP and SharePoint. Over the project term, the functional scope of enaio® also had to be extended. This was accomplished based on agile software development (scrum) in two- or four-week cycles.

As of 2018, it will also be available for mobile use on tablets and smartphones.

Schuler Pressen GmbH

  • Founded in 1839
  • 6,617 employees
  • €1.2 billion turnover
  • Company locations in Brazil, China, the U.S., and more

Christoph Kämmerle

Department Manager Electrical CAD, reports on enaio® redline in his company.

“Our employees are now discovering assets with enaio® they didn’t even know they had.”

Applications and Scenarios in Operation:

Unicode capability was decisive: Now enaio® can be used across the globe, be it in China, Brazil, or Germany.

Migration of digital project records

Connection of SAP® and SharePoint

Manage documents in four languages: German, English, Portuguese, Chinese

Introduction of a compliance e-mail

Extension of the functional scope of enaio® redline based on agile development