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    Entirely Web-based: From the Customer Record to the ERP Integration

Meffert AG Farbwerke

REST API means convenient connection

Meffert AG is one of the leading manufacturers of paints, varnishes, and stains in Europe. The company’s range of products also includes plasters, sealing compounds, and renovation and building-protection products, with more than 30,000 items on hand. The company develops all products to the latest standards in technology, thanks to its vast range of experiences and a high-quality R&D department.

Meffert AG is a globally active company and requires a content services framework that provides support for different languages and character sets. For this reason, the paint manufacturer has been using enaio® redline since 2017. It implements the system for invoicing, compliant e-mail archiving, and managing business partner records. The REST API, which significantly simplified communications between the systems, was a crucial criterion for making the decision. The existing IT infrastructure was seamlessly integrated into enaio® redline.

Data from customer and supplier records, product and formula documentation, and the invoicing system were migrated to enaio® redline in the process of implementation, which involved live integration into Infor LN, the ERP system.

The scalable and decoupled microservices ensure a high level of system stability for the overall system. Further applications, which the company can individually set up thanks to the software architecture and the consistent usage of open standards, are also possible at a future point in time.

Meffert AG Farbwerke

  • Founded in 1947
  • 1,500 employees
  • 30,000 articles in range
  • 20 locations worldwide

Tobias Mengler

Project Manager of Digitalization, talks about the daily use of enaio® redline in his company.

“With enaio® redline, Meffert AG is in an ideal technological position for the future.”

All applications were created using the fail-safe microservices architecture, and are entirely Web-based.

Applications and scenarios in use:

The applications rely on Web-based technology throughout and implement fail-safe microservices architecture.

Digital customer and supplier records

Digital invoice receipt, thanks to integration with Infor LN

Introduction of compliant e-mail archiving

Digital approval, account assignment, and goods allocation with ERP live data