Typical enaio® redline partners are system integrators, infrastructure providers, and the IT departments of major companies. They may also be resellers in selected niche markets who all develop their own solutions based on the enaio® redline platform.

Our partners are creators, innovators, and motivators who develop their own applications on one of the world’s most modern content services platforms. A platform that simplifies the work of knowledge-workers and which makes business processes both easier and more effective. 

enaio® redline is based on state-of-the-art technologies and a future-proof microservices architecture. Every client application created with enaio® redline can be refined by means of scripting, plugins, and custom states for specific user roles. Business logic and functionality can be expanded with self-made microservices. Time-to-market with enaio® redline is extremely short.

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API First

enaio® redline has been developed according to the API first paradigm and represents a content services architecture. No exceptions – enaio® redline is 100 percent pure microservices.

Integration First

enaio® redline offers a well documented and complete REST API – the same API that enaio® redline and its webclient is built with.


enaio® redline runs in the cloud, e.g. in docker containers orchestrated by kubernetes. Additionally, the rich cloud offerings of amazon web services and microsoft azure is at your fingertips.

enaio® Everywhere

The modern and consistent microservices architecture facilitates system operation and allows fast scaling matching exactly your needs. That´s the compelling advantage of microservices compared to bulky application server clusters. Avoid being offline: The responsice HTML5 client runs fast and securely even in low performance networks and on every mobile device.


enaio® redline is based on the modular and decoupled microservices architecture and thus guarantees a clearly defined development and deployment cycle that also enables agile methods.

Great Microservices

The services are easy to extend and replace. In this way the platform ensures that the requirements of users and system integrators can be responded to quickly and precisely. Thanks to independent microservices future updates will be easier to deploy and secure.


The #1 principle of enaio® redline as a Content Services Platform is to find 1 specific document out of 109 in fractions of a second. All other functions and concepts are measured against this requirement.

The True Power of enaio®

Did your application server recently hit its performance limit? With enaio® redline you never again have to face bottlenecks and shortages The ability to synchronize, automatically monitor and launch additional instances (rather than entire application servers) puts availability, scalibility and fault tolerance at your fingertips at all times.


Each content and infrastructure service can be scaled as required and runs in as many instances as necessary, depending on the current workload. Forget peak loads and resource bottlenecks in CPU and memory, top performance is guaranteed at all times.


This also applies to the backend: Here you can extend the existing modules with your own special business logic.

Or you can integrate third-party technologies by complementing and completing the enaio® redline’s standardized microservices architecture with dedicated microservices.


enaio® redline comes with a responsive, device-independent HTML5 web client, if you shall need one. The client generates its graphical user interface taking the underlying object model and can be further customized with javascript and plugins.

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Whether on the desktop or on mobile devices – by eliminating redundant and unnecessary functions, enaio® redline client users get a high-performance web client – configured for them.


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enaio® redline
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The latest standards: REST, Spring Cloud Netflix microservices, HTML5, etc.

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Location independence,
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Tools for IT professionals

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Unique and Complex Customer Projects

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The architecture

enaio® redline is based on scalable content services that communicate via REST-API. The services are implemented using non-proprietary technologies such as Springboot, Angular or Elasticsearch. Forget bulky time- and cost-consuming application server clusters. Focus on flexible, fast and efficient content services.

All infrastructure and content services can be updated and maintained independently of each other. If a microservice fails, a new instance starts immediately and takes over the open tasks automatically. We guarentee business continuity at all times.

In addition, enaio® redline has extensive design and administration tools that provide developers with an easy-to-use interface for configuration, design, and maintenance: enaio® designer and enaio® management studio

Cutting-edge technology for individual solutions

Strong content services

Typical functions of a content management system such as versioning, archiving, rendition, and records management are already included in enaio® redline. Familiar workflows from Business Process Management (BPM) are at your hands and ready-to-use.

Project-specific customizing

enaio® redline offers a set of editor and design tools that supports you to model data and interfaces graphically. Adjustments are possible with the help of scripts and plugins. Trouble-free implementation of multilingual clients and the use of Unicode characters are also possible.

Seamless integration

Common enterprise solutions such as SAP, Microsoft Office, Exchange Server or Microsoft Dynamics AX and NAV can be connected via existing interfaces. At the same time, enaio® redline is universally deployable via REST-API and client plug-ins.

The microservices

DMS Service

Basic content management functions including archiving.

  • Archiving of content & metadata
  • Versioning
  • User administration

Search Service

Full-text index for results in milliseconds. Powered by ElasticSearch, the world´s fastest search engine.

Performance guaranteed: Search one billion documents and get results in less than a second.

Index Service

ElasticSearch-Service that builts up and manages index data.

Index data management for the enaio® redline Elasticsearch Engine

Rendition Service

Intelligent preview for all common file formats.

Generates renditions of documents and creates the preview views for the client

Extraction Service

Imports all common file formats and extracts relevant metadata.

Extracts metadata such as titel, CreateDate and author from texts, e-mails, documents, pictures and graphics.

BPM Service

Digitize your business processes – reduce pass-through time – increase work efficiency.

Workflow Engine for enaio® redline

Template Service

Central management for Office templates. Integrates Microsoft Office with enaio® redline.

Data transfer from enaio® to Microsoft Word

Inbox Service

Never miss relevant information: Have an eye on all tasks and incoming documents at all times.

  • Messaging between client and server
  • Subscriptions
  • User notifications

OCR Service

Text capture in scans and photos

Text recognition and PDF/A document generation

Integration Services

enaio redline integrates with Business-Software such as SAP, Microsoft Dynamics AX, Exchange Server and Microsoft Office.

Connection to SAP, Microsoft Exchange Server or Microsoft AX Server

Project-specific microservices

Convenient implementation of individual interfaces

  • Development of own microservices
  • Enhancement of business logic
  • Integration with third-party systems

"Your microservice"

Develop your own content services in enaio® redline in an easy and straightforward manner. 

The tools for admin teams


The Services Admin ensures the efficient operation of the enaio® redline applications. In this web-based application, administrators control and manage the running system via a web interface. Developers use the Services Admin to test functionality and performance.


In the enaio® redline management studio you will find functions for organizational tasks. These include the creation and administration of users and groups, system configuration and monitoring or process management of all relevant business processes.


With the .NET application enaio® redline designer, different applications can be developed consistently and complete solutions can be versioned. Data models (or parts of them) can also be transferred from a project into new applications, which simplifies the porting of your apps and clients.

Smart clients for own projects

Client scripts
Easily extend applications

Your customers use modeled business applications in the web client on the spot (We call that No-Code). Use Javascript to refine and improve the behavior of input masks in business applications (Low-Code). You can check entries, preassign values to fields, or lock them at runtime for designated user roles. Client scripts can respond flexibly to events e.g. in the data masks of modeled objects and take appropriate action.

Own plugins
Integration made easy

As a system integrator, specialized applications can be easily customized further. With enaio® redline you develop project-specific plug-ins and therefore extend the web client.
Plugins could, for example, display special file formats such as CAD or medical formats or integrate additional information from external systems or the web.

Project views
Your system. Your interface.

You can go even further by developing project-specific views to further enhance the web client.
The views look like a completely new page in the web client. You are completely free to display or edit any information in the client.
The welcome page of the web client can also be adapted to the customer’s corporate identity.

Integration in other systems – e.g. SAP Hybris

Due to the 100% consistently implemented REST API concept, not only can individual clients be developed but the enaio® redline interface can be integrated into other applications or clients of other systems. This is shown here using SAP Hybris as an example.

Using enaio® redline, any documents can be added to the document data in SAP Hybris – e.g. contracts or correspondence with a customer by post or e-mail.

Just in case: The HTML5 web client

As a Content Services Framework, enaio® redline demonstrates its strengths not only on the server side but also during integration via REST:

With the web client, enaio® redline can be used on many devices without installation – whether at home, in the office or on the train. enaio® redline is the modern alternative for all those who want to offer their customers a simple user experience, comfortable connection, and maximum flexibility.

With extensive customizing options, the enaio® redline framework can be used to develop powerful specialist applications that can be flexibly extended on the client and server side.


enaio® redline comes with extensive features – from cloud capability to full text search. A selection:

Ready for the cloud

Every content and infrastructure service is cloud-enabled and runs in private or public cloud environments.

enaio® Workflow Designer

Features an easily usable graphical editor for workflow modelling. Closely aligned with BPMN 2.x.

Ensure integrity

With automatic versioning

Use templates

Simple implementation of corporate identity

Adapt clients flexibly

to the needs and wishes of your customers – using javascript, plug-ins or user-centric custom-states.

management studio

Convenient user and rights management

Integration with MS Office

Process metadata in Excel, Word, etc.

Unicode- and LTR-Support

enaio® redline speaks a variety of languages like german, english, spanish, french, russian or chinese.

Manage documents

Share information across your organization and with your partners and customers – to improve collaboration, productivity and efficiency.

service manager

All admin functions for services in one place. Health-Checks ensure business continuity.

Extract, Transform, Load

Migrate legacy data easily by using well-defined processes.

Usability First

Overview instead of information overload

Drag & Drop

Easily import documents and files


Simple visual editing of complex data structures

Subscriptions & follow-ups

Don’t miss information which is important for your work. Stay informed.

Structure trees

No fixed folders – manage data dynamically according to your tasks and needs.


The right result in fractions of a second

Share information

As simple as in a cell phone app


A new form of text recognition


Web pages render well on all devices and screen sizes.

Expert search

Faceting & filtering

Moderne Microservices

Highly scalable, fail-safe, extendable and cost-efficient.


for the modern workplace

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enaio® redline is an entirely new information management approach, designed and programmed from scratch, based on the latest state of research, science and technology. This document outlines its design and architecture.
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